Open Conference Systems, Language and Language Teaching Conference 2020

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Titis Pahargyan

Last modified: 2020-10-20


The ability to speak a foreign language is prominently influenced by one of the obstacles, namely speaking anxiety. In fact, the researcher found that the students tended to be anxious in speaking English in class during their presentation even though it was conducted through distance learning because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Referring to this background, this study aimed to examine what the students’ anxiety in speaking English is during the distance learning and how they cope with the anxiety during the distance learning. A case study was employed in this research as one of descriptive designs in qualitative research. Moreover, the data was collected through analysing students’ self-reflection documents, a close-ended questionnaire, and an interview as the research instruments. Additionally, the participants of this study were 36 Science students at grade X of SMA Kristen Petra 1 Surabaya. The researcher discovered that the distance learning during Covid-19 pandemic caused the anxiety among the students in speaking English. Hence, it is significant for teachers as the facilitator to be able to play their roles to reduce the students speaking anxiety in a foreign language classroom.


distance learning; foreign language anxiety; speaking anxiety