Open Conference Systems, Language and Language Teaching Conference 2020

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Developing Android-Based E-Module to Teach Narrative Text for The Eighth Grade of Junior High School
Bernadetha Wahyu Widyaningrum, Isnaini Sarinastiti

Last modified: 2020-10-22


The application of technology to teaching has become the standard of education expected today. Regarding the spread of coronavirus, many junior high schools are pursuing options to utilize remote learning for mitigating the loss of learning. However, remote learning has led to the lack of success in delivering education. Android-based e-module is a solution of delivering content to extend the reach of wider audiences. Narrative text is a complex material involving various language forms that required interactive and engaging activities using technology. The research aimed to answer these two questions: (1) How the android-based e-module to teach narrative text for the eighth grade of junior high school is developed, and (2) What the android-based e-module looks like. Due to time and resources limitation, the researchers utilized five out of ten stages of Research and Development cycle by Borg and Gall’s (1985). To attain the data, the researchers did document analysis and distributed questionnaires for material validation to two lecturers and two mobile application developers. As a result, the researchers presented an android application which content is e-module. The researchers recommend future researchers shall conduct a trial to see if the application is effective for remote learning.





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