Open Conference Systems, Language and Language Teaching Conference 2020

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satERdate with: Extensive Reading Podcast as a Tool for Teachers’ Learning Resources
Lanoke Intan Paradita, Thomas W.P. Mukti, Yuseva Ariyani Iswandari

Last modified: 2020-10-22


Online learning resources are any learning resources that are available on the Internet for educational purposes. Teachers can use these resources to enrich not only their teaching materials but also their own personal learning. In this pandemic era, online resources could be more helpful and accessible for teachers. Podcast is one online learning resource providing varied series of discussion on certain topics for both teachers’ professional development and autonomous learning. One podcast we are going to share is “satERdate with” podcast, a podcast mainly discussing topics on extensive reading with ER experts, practitioners, and enthusiasts. The contents of discussion in satERdate with are primarily contextualized for ER practices in Indonesian setting. This study is going to explore teachers’ experiences of using this podcast as online learning resources in two major parts, they are (1) autonomous learning and (2) professional development. It is expected that the podcast can provide an alternative learning resource contributing to teachers’ knowledge on the practice of ER in Indonesia.


podcast, online learning resources, teacher autonomous learning and professional development