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Ideational Metafunction Analysis in Re-Opening Economy Policies of ASEAN Countries
ID.A Paramastiti Rahadiyanti

Last modified: 2020-10-22


COVID-19 is an infectious disease that firstly reported in Wuhan, in November 2019. This disease caused by novel coronavirus which transmitted through droplets. This virus quickly transmits and spreads from one person to others. The rate of coronavirus victims has increased regularly by the time. This disease does not only lead to the global health problem but also to economy concern in most countries around the world. Lockdown is one of the enforcements from government to prevent the spread of coronavirus. However, lockdown gives the impacts to economy decline for several states. International Monetary Fund as the legal organization concerning global monetary cooperation recorded the economic decline in 196 countries around the world in 2020 as the impact of the pandemic. IMF published the records of economic response regarding government strategies in each country to recover economic system through its official website. This study conducted analysis of ideational metafunction about ASEAN countries policies and responses to react re-opening new economy. The analysis involves material, mental, verbal, and relational process. The analysis intends to identify activities, institutions, and parties which mostly focused and involved to resolve economy disputes in the scope of ASEAN countries


economy; lockdown;ASEAN,;ideational;metafunction