Open Conference Systems, Language and Language Teaching Conference 2020

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Conventionalizing the Unconventional: A Linguistic Thematization of the Algerian Curriculum of Literature
Farouk Bouafia

Last modified: 2020-10-22


Teaching literature is generally driven by the thirst to make meanings of the texts that teachers are teaching out of the contextual, thematic aspects. Algerian Teachers’ failure to go back to the internal structure of texts in class thrusts students to skip actual reading. Thus, they fail to develop systematic sound aptitudes in reading, analyzing, synthesizing and generalizing conventions about texts. Therefore, calling for conventionalizing teaching literature make the curriculum systematic, structural and linguistic rather than being strictly thematic. This study questions the prevailing negligence of the linguistic structure and the stylistic propensities of literary works which could be generalised within one work and between different works. It aims at prompting Algerian teachers to teach “context” through “text” for a linguistic revalorization of the curriculum and, thus, developing students’ ability to be sensitive to the word.


Teaching Literature; Conventionalization; Text and Context