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Developing English for Science and Technology Students
Chelvino Dimas Hardita, Brigitta Utari Praptiningtyas Ananda, Georgius Rico Asto Pangestu, Maria Vianney Listyandari, Monica Alvita Hapsari, Priska Grace Irena, Retnaningtyas Wintu Cahyowati, Rodriga Ghricelda Mina Andarsuni Hulu

Date: 2024-06-01 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Last modified: 2024-05-31


Developing English for Science and

Technology Students

Brigitta Utari Praptiningtyas Ananda¹

Chelvino Dimas Hardita²

Georgius Rico Asto Pangestu ³

Maria Vianney Listyandari⁴

Monica Alvita Hapsari⁵

Priska Grace Irena⁶

Retnaningtyas Wintu Cahyowati⁷

Rodriga Ghricelda Mina Andarsuni Hulu⁸

Universitas Sanata Dharma, Indonesia


This study aims to develop materials in the form of textbooks to enhance English skills among students from diverse backgrounds and academic years interested in the Information and Technology (IT) field. The materials aim to bridge the gap between general English language learning and the specific communication needs of the IT industry. Students need to understand not only Information and Technology specific English terms but also general English to improve their understanding and communication skills, as they will face jobs with high English usage demands. The design of this study follows the Research and Development (R&D) framework which includes analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation stages. From the research that is still ongoing analysis focuses on the validity of the module, particularly in terms of content and presentation. In order to use English in a teaching context, students need a specific book that acts as a pertinent reference. English has been a compulsory language that is used in Information Systems Technology Department courses.With contents that focused on the Information and Technology (IT) field, the researchers created a module that covers English for specific terms in IT to help them improve their understanding of English and communicate at the international level.