Theme and Subthemes

Theme and Sub-Themes

“Practicing Critical Digital Literacy for Future Education” will cover a range of themes, including, but not limited to:

  1. The Impact of Digital Technology on Language and Linguistics in the Modern Era
  2. The Role of Digital Literacy in Advancing the Field of English Studies
  3. The Potential of Artificial Intelligence in Promoting Digital Literacy
  4. Opportunities and Challenges for English Studies in the Digital Era
  5. The Influence of Digital Media on the Study of English Literature
  6. Interpretation of English Literature in the Digital Era
  7. Multilingualism and its Implications for the Study of English Literature
  8. Developing English Proficiency through Digital Literacy
  9. Digital Storytelling and its Impact on the Literary World
  10. Critical Approaches to Digital Literacy in the Context of Education


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