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The Undergraduate Conference on ELT, Linguistics and Literature

How to create an author account? Well, why not try the five main steps below?

1.  Visit the UC site:

2.  To create an account, click on menu “Account” from the top of the page.

3.  Fill in the author information to the provided fields.

4.  Remember to check “Create account as: Author” (Check/mark the Author box).

5.  Click on “Create” button. Your UC author account has been created.


Well done! :-))

Steps to Submit an Abstract for UC 2023

Hi fellow UC-ers! Hope the following steps to submit an abstract are helpful.

  1. Login on your UC OCS account. (Use your username and password)
  2. Click on the “New Submission” link on the user homepage.
  3. Follow Step 1 to Step 4 of the submission process: 1. START, 2. ENTER METADATA, 3. UPLOAD SUPPLEMENTARY FILES and 4. CONFIRMATION

In Step 1 (START), do the following:

1)   Select the conference track (Abstract for UC 2023).

2)   Check all of the Submission Checklist.

3)   Agree to the terms of Copyright Notice.

4)   (Optional) Give comments for conference director.

5)   Click “Save and continue”.


In Step 2 (ENTER METADATA), do the following to complete the metadata, for example:

1)   Author’s profile. (can add more than 1 author; Order: first author, second author …)

2)   Title, abstract and keywords (can copy and paste).

3)   Click “Save and continue”.


In Step 3 (UPLOAD SUPPLEMENTARY FILES), do the following:

1)    Choose/locate the submission file to upload.

2)    Upload your abstract file in .doc.docx or .rtf format (Use the UC abstract template).

3)    Click “Save and continue”.


In Step 4 (CONFIRMATION): For confirmation, click the “finish” button.


Thank you for your abstract submission.

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The Undergraduate Conference on ELT, Linguistics, and Literature is organized by undergraduate students of the English Language Education Study Program, Sanata Dharma University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.